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Voila un projet de serveur de stockage: l'article de base en anglais est http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomcoughlin/2013/02/21/open-source-storage-changes-industry-cost-structure/


De nombreux documents sont disponibles sur http://www.opencompute.org/projects/storage/


The Open Compute Project storage page also references Fusion-IO PCIe storage cards with up to 3.2 TB of storage capacity, which are used by Facebook to speed up overall storage system performance.  The HYVE is a 2XOpenU storage server with up to 15 e.5-inch HDDs in a 3X5 array.  This configuration is compatible with an Open Rack system  to provide an off the shelf SAS expander.  The Open Vault has a modular I/O topography for the Open Rack and holds 30 drives in a 2U chassis, operating with almost any host server.  Open Rack is another Open Compute Project configuration.  It is the first rack standard designed for data centers that integrate the rack into the data center infrastructure.

With the amount of digital data in data centers growing annually and storage budgets highly constrained open source storage system designs can fill an important niche for data centers and IT people comfortable with installing and maintaining their own hardware.  Developments like those of Backblaze and the Open Compute Project are re-defining the possibilities of enterprise infrastructure and will likely find homes in more and more data centers.

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